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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Certified Referee: The Certified Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the conduct of the meet. MCSL training is needed for this job.
Certified Starter: The Certified Starter gives starting signal for each race. MCSL training is needed for this job.
Certified S&T Judge: The Certified Judge determines whether the swimmers perform their strokes, turns and finishes in accordance with the prescribed rules. MCSL training is needed for this job.
Announcer: Announces the events. Makes any other general announcements, including the score, team records, MCSL records, All-Star qualifying times, etc.
Clerk of Course: Checks in the swimmers and tells them their lanes. Gathers swimmers for each event, and organizes swimmers into heats based on a list.
Head Timer: Time each event and generally time the winner except when needed for another lane. The Head Timer will start two watches at the beginning of every race then look over the line of timers. If a timer has a watch malfunction, they will raise their hands and the Head Timer will get a good watch to them immediately.
Timers: Using a stop-watch, times swimmers in the assigned lane. Generally, there are 3 timers per lane. One of the timers at each lane will need to record each of the finish times on a sheet of paper after the race. No experience necessary.
Runners: Runners take the time sheets from the head timers to the scorer after each heat/race. Must be at least 12 years old
Computer Operator: The Computer Operator types the times into the computer and operates the program during the meet. Training Required.
Scorer: Scorer receives the time sheets from the runner and puts them in lane order, staples any DQ card to the appropriate sheet, and double checks the official time, circling it if it is not already circled.
Verifier: Read the times to the computer operator and check the results from the computer after each event against the timer sheets to be sure the times were entered accurately.
Ribbon Writer: Affix the ribbon labels to the ribbons, file the ribbons into the family folders or ribbon box.
Concession Adult Helper: Sells concessions. Helps set up and tear down concession stand.
Large bag of Ice - Purchase and bring one bag of large ice before warm-ups.
Concessions Student Helper: must be at least 14 years old and not swimming in the meet. Sells concessions. Helps set up and tear down concession stand.
Pool Take Down - Take down shade tents. Put away tables, chairs, and signs.
Pool Set-Up - Set-up shade tents, tables, chairs, and signs.
Officials Food Coordinator: Buys or makes snack food for the officials. Sets up and cleans up refreshment buffet for officials at the break. Offers cold waters to officials during heats.
HEAT RIBBONS: Determines the winner of each individual event heat and awards that swimmer a heat winner ribbon.
PROGRAM SELLER: This person needs to be available at the start of warm-ups to sell the programs.
50/50 Drawing: Circulates among the spectators and sells 50/50 tickets during the 1st half of the meet.
Photographer: Takes candid photos of the swimmers and parents during the meets.

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