Photo Make up night - Tuesday, July 17th PLEASE READ

Hello Torpedo families

A brief message follows from the team photographer for those of you interested in a team and/or individual photo......


We are looking forward to coming back on July 17th at the evening practice to photograph anyone who missed photos on the July 4th and would like to get into the team photo.  We have had a number of questions about ordering digital images and photos.  There will be a person available to answer questions and help you with ordering on July 17th.

If you would like to place an order online, you can go to and select Order Online from the menu.

From there, select the Torpedoes logo to go to the shop. You must order the first product (Athlete Information). It is free and is used to identify each of your swimmers.

We do not offer proofs for free. If you wish to see your swimmer’s images before purchasing, you can order the product Preview Image for $10. When you place your order, we send the image to our production team and have them extract the image and create the art work. We will email you the image along with a coupon for $10 which you can use on your order.

We have received many requests, so this year we have started offering digital packages. If you order the digital images, they will be delivered to your cell phone and to your email. You can download the images, share them, print them, and order products from our professional lab. The prices from our lab are significantly lower than our prices because you are buying direct. The lab also has many more products than we carry.

We offer discounts for families ordering for more than one child. This does not apply to ordering photos of just the siblings. Send an email to [email protected] to request your discount code.

Our prices will increase 5 days after your last photo day (which right now is July 17). Order any time before July 22 formthe best prices.


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